How to relieve stress

How to relieve stress

Stress can change the properties be unusual or different. Characteristics are irritable, do not get excited, do not focus and negative minded.
The causes were varied. It usually occurs due to lack of sleep, lack of exercise, often delay the work or too often eat fast-food. And sometimes because of pressure of work at the office can also be the cause of stress.
  Here's how and quick tips in order to relieve stress:


The sport can make a calm and peaceful mood, and can make sleep more soundly too. Many studies have shown that exercise is medicine to relieve stress.


The bath can eliminate and reduce levels of stress hormones, so when a quick stress-hurry to the bathroom to take a shower in order to stress that stress subside and disappear. According to psychologist bath can shed negative feelings.


The study revealed that meditation can reduce anxiety depression and stress. 


A study explains that positive thinking and optimism can lead better lives. levels much lower stress and anxiety will be reduced.
good luck, and hopefully through the day without stress ... :-)